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Adams Engineers and Equipment, Inc. sells plastic processing equipment used in injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and thermoforming of plastic products in the Southern United States and Northern Mexico. Additionally, Adams Engineers offers engineering services including economic justification, process improvement, plant layout, project management, equipment installation supervision, and asset management. As a consultative sales representative and distributor, we are committed to engineering value added solutions for plastic processing equipment projects.

Adams Engineers can supply the technical expertise and equipment solutions to meet your plastic processing needs.

Introducing our new Technical Training Facility:
5656 N. Jackson
Jacksonville, TX 75766

To learn more about the new facility click on our News page.



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13638 Highway 110 South
Tyler, TX 75707


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Tiebarless injection molding machines with unrestricted platen access for quick mold change, easy ... more
From injection molding equipment to chillers and decorating systems, Adams Engineers is your best source.
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