V-Type Double Piston Power Backflush


Suitable for almost all processes and materials. It is used in pressure constant processes (e.g. strap, film, fiber) as well as processes with insufficient back pressure for backflushing (e.g. strand pelletizing) and can manage processes with a high proportion of contaminants (e.g. recycling). The system enables process runs to continue without any system shutdowns while changing the screen.


  • Highly efficient backflush via patented power backflush technology, regardless of the extrusion pressure.
  • During the process steps “backflush” and “screen change,”3 of the 4 screens remain in production at all times.
  • Wear-free metallic sealing system – no additional seal required.
  • Four (4) screens enable a large filter area in a compact and small housing, while the backflush amounts during the self-cleaning process are minimal.