News - Ensign Equipment: Our Partner for Bulk Material Handling

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Ensign Equipment engineers and fabricates bulk material handling equipment. They provide smart solutions and innovative products that are economical and delivery quickly.

Adams Engineers has been partners with Ensign for many years and together have help countless customers . We wanted to highlight some of the most popular products that Ensign has to offer.

Container TiltersImage title

  • economical and labor free unloading option

  • capable of unloading: Gaylords, drums, boxes, and bins

  • manual or automatic tilting when container is 50% emptied

  • can tilt 1000 lbs at 80psi up to 45 degree angle

Container Dumpers

  • compatible with: Gaylords, drums, carts, bales, totes, and bins

  • built with high-quality components that require minimal maintenance

  • 48" discharge height standard

Container Fillers Image title

  • compatible with a wide range of containers

  • central automated operation station

  • maximizes throughput with accurate filling


  • Portable storage bins

  • cost-effective temporary storage

  • compatible with free-flowing and non-free-flowing materials

  • 20-60 cubic feet capacities available

  • can be equipped with adapters and options to fit any process

SuperSack UnloadersImage title

  • Bulk bags, SuperSacks, FIBCs

  • manual forklift unloaders

  • Automated, loss-in-weight systems with motorized hoists

Integrated Systems

  • Engineered systems designed in-house

  •     integration of components into operation system

If you are have a project you would like to discuss with us please contact us. For more information you can visit our products page.   

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