Equipment Specification and Selection Services

The goal of Adams Engineers and our equipment manufacturers is to deliver plastic processing equipment solutions that achieve targeted return on investments. The sales team at Adams Engineers assists plastic processors, decorators, and related manufactures in specifying, quoting, selecting, and applying the right equipment for many types of projects. Each sales engineer offers equipment specification and selection expertise, and has the ability to utilize original equipment manufacturers as additional technical resources. More information can be found in our News section.

Selecting equipment with the highest ROI and lowest risk is a key component of the value added engineering services and process knowledge that Adams Engineers provides. Customers can be assured they are getting the benefit of engineering expertise resulting from over 80 years of cumulative plastics industry experience when purchasing primary or auxiliary plastic processing equipment through Adams Engineers.

Engineering Services

Adams Engineers and Equipment, Inc. offers fee based engineering services for projects outside the scope of equipment specification and selection. These services include economic justification, process improvement, plant layout, project management, equipment installation supervision, and asset management. Cliff Adams, registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas, oversees all fee based engineering services. Contact Cliff Adams for more information.

In addition to these services, Adams Engineers and Equipment also offers Facility Assessments, Water System Checks, and evaluates Material Handling Systems.


Installation Contracting Services

Adams Engineers works with industrial and mechanical contractors to provide customers with turnkey solutions for equipment projects. Whether your project requires electrical, mechanical, piping, crane and rigging services, silo erection, or equipment installation contracting, we can provide the necessary resources.

Warranty and Repair Services

Equipment service is typically provided by our OEM partners. Adams Engineers will facilitate customer requests for warranty or non-warranty assistance from factory-trained service personnel. Links to the service departments of our equipment manufacturers can be found in our Links section.


Customer training is a critical part of successful equipment installations to maximize return on investment. Adams Engineers and our OEM partners provide a variety of training resources for our customers. Equipment operation manuals are available in printed or electronic formats. Initial startup training is included as part of the equipment purchase with many projects, or customized training can be purchased as an unbundled service. In depth training classes and seminars are also scheduled on a regular basis. More information can be found in our News section.

Equipment Showroom and Technical Center

Adams Engineers maintains an equipment showroom at the main office in Tyler, Texas. This facility is utilized as a technical center for customer training and equipment demonstrations as well as Adams Engineers staff training. The injection molding cell typically includes an electric injection molding machine, Thermal Care chiller and temperature controllers, and a Universal Dynamics dryer. Additional auxiliary equipment is available on a case by case basis. Mold trials can be scheduled with our demonstration molds or with customer supplied tooling and material.

Screw and Barrel Measuring Services

Adams Engineers has the expertise and gauges to accurately measure screws and barrels in your plant to determine if process problems are related to a worn screw or barrel. If your manufacturing process utilizes injection molding machines, extruders, or blow molding machines, we can provide repair or replacement components, maintenance programs, and operating procedures to optimize the output and life of your equipment’s screws and barrels. Click here for more information.

Steve White is measuring a barrel with a bore gauge. Cliff Adams and Dave Salls measuring and recording flight micrometer measurements from a screw.

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