ENGEL Victory Fast Lane

The tie-bar-less ENGEL victory is a proven success story among injection molding machines. Its flexible modular system makes it extremely well suited for producing many different technically complex and thick-walled parts of the highest quality. Its tie-bar-less technology, which has proven itself for over 25 years, enables you to use a relatively small injection molding machine even for large molds.

Gain more freedom and productivity

The excellent platen parallelism provides particularly even distribution of the clamping force and the best possible protection for the mold.

  • Tie-bar-less technology = small machine for large molds
  • Free access to mold area = easy and fast mold changes
  • Uniform distribution of clamping force = consistently high part quality

Profit from higher energy efficiency

The low friction levels, closing pressure lock-in and ENGEL ecodrive, servo-hydraulic system make it possible to match the energy efficiency levels achieved by all-electric machines in the production of technically complex parts.

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • In many cases no cooling water consumption for hydraulic oil

ENGEL Victory Fast Lane




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