ENGEL e-motion

ENGEL e-motion

Electric Injection – the efficient way to manufacture precision components

Lighter, more precise, faster, more constant and also smaller. The requirements of modern products and their individual parts will always be selective. These requirements demand new technical possibilities. In plastic injection moulding this means: Highest consistency and precision or the best energy efficiency with low emissions. The full electric drive technology in the ENGEL e-motion  range offers exactly these advantages.

Electric injection moulding machines are the modern alternative to hydraulically driven machines. For 10 years they have been a fixed component of ENGEL’s delivery program. The servo motor drive technology offers an extraordinary precision level with low energy consumption – and thus opens an until now unexplored business potential.

Highest Energy Efficiency and Top-Precision:

  • Universal operation for the smallest shot weights, for standard and also high speed parts. High constant process and less energy consumption with the smallest emissions
  • Minimum idle time due to parallel operation of individual Electric drives. Thus the shortest possible cycle times, high efficiency and as a result the lowest possible energy consumption
  • In combination with modular application technology – ENGEL x-melt makes the ENGEL e-motion high precision accumulator machine for smallest short weights and the smallest wall thicknesses.
  • Simplest operation through intuitively logical, graphically visualised operator interface of the ENGEL CC 200 machine control
ENGEL e-motion




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