MRF Series
Control Regrind Usage

Installed beneath existing natural material hoppers, these special feeders provide the means to easily and accurately use previously colored regrind while avoiding double-coloring. Regrind enters the flow of resin at the same height as the color feed. Baffles ensure even distribution and mix of materials.

Select % Regrind Directly and Avoid "Double" Coloring

A "% regrind" rotary switch is provided on the feeder controller for selecting the exact percentage of regrind to be added. Signal output from the regrind feeder is accepted by all Maguire standard feeders (Series MCF, MPF, MPA, MDA) which automatically compensate for the percent of regrind set for the mix. When regrind runs low, the regrind feeder will automatically shut off and full 100% coloring will be resumed.

Clean Out Chute

Complete emptying of the hopper is done rapidly and easily by way of a hinged cleanout chute located directly under the feed screw and hopper.

ModelAuger SizeMax RPMsContinuous Output lb/hrDispense
MinMax(One Cycle)
MRF-8-341" (25mm)55.05 (0.02 kg)58 (26.4 kg).05 cc
MRF-8-501" (25mm)100.1 (0.05 kg)105 ( 47.7kg).08 cc
MRF-16-502" (50mm)100.7 (0.32 kg)533 (242.3 kg).4 cc
MRF-16-942" (50mm)1881.6 (0.73 kg)1000 (445.5 kg).8 cc
MRF-16-1602" (50mm)3208.0 (3.6 kg)1700 (772.7 kg)1.3 cc


  •  Automatic Speed Control
  • Digital Regrind Quality Control
  • Flow baffled for uniform regrind distribution
  • Sample Port
  • Automatic compensation for voltage fluctuations
  • No bearings in contact with regrind
  • Clear window for viewing regrind flow


MRF Series




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