Magnetic Separation -- Recycling Equipment

Conveyor Belt Applications- Metron C Conveyor Belt Applications- Metron C
One-piece tunnel-style triple-coil detector surrounds conveyor belts or conveying lines and chutes to sense metal contaminants.
Conveyor Belt Applications-Metron D Conveyor Belt Applications-Metron D
Two-piece tunnel-style detector separates to install around belt conveyors and pneumatic lines. It offers triple-coil sensitivity and accuracy.
Conveyor Belt Applications-Metron S Conveyor Belt Applications-Metron S
These single-sided, triple-coil underbelt detectors install in belt conveyor systems and scan through the belt into product with a maximum burden depth of 6 inches.
Conveyor Belt Applications-Metron SL Conveyor Belt Applications-Metron SL
Installed directly under conveyor belts, triple-coil Metron SL Detectors monitor flat products and materials with shallow burden depths.
Cross-Belt Separators Cross-Belt Separators
Cross-Belt Separators provide continuous removal of ferrous contaminants from material on open conveyors. The unit's powerful high-density permanent Ceramic Plate Magnet reaches deep into the product flow and captures elusive scrap even from fast moving belts.
Drum Separators Drum Separators
Drum Magnets for High Flow Rates and Heavy Metal Contamination Magnetic Drums and Drum Separators are self-cleaning and provide continuous removal of ferrous contaminants from a wide range of free-flowing bulk and granular materials in high-volume applications.
EKS Electrostatic Separators EKS Electrostatic Separators
EKS Electrostatic Separators can efficiently extract even very small, difficult to-reclaim particles from recycled material. We offer everything you need to set up electrostatic separation of plastic/plastic and metal/non-metal mixtures – including the engineering expertise to guide you through the selection and installation of a highly productive system. Our dry-process electrostatic equipment can be integrated into a new or existing recycling operation.
Gravity Feed Applications -Quicktron Rapid-Reject Gravity Feed Applications -Quicktron Rapid-Reject
Rapid-Reject Diverter provides fast reaction times for thorough separation with reduced good product loss. Suitable for powder applications.
Gravity Feed Applications- HS Gravity Feed Applications- HS
Low-cost, single-coil entry-level HS Separators pneumatically reject isolated metal debris from powders, granules, and other bulk materials.
Grinder Plate Magnets Grinder Plate Magnets
Grinder Plate Magnets for Low-Cost Machine Protection Your regrind operation runs an extra risk of tramp metal contamination. Now you can protect it easily and economically with Bunting Grinder Plate Magnets.They install easily in your granulator’s feed tray. Each Grinder Plate Magnet is manufactured with a rugged cast aluminum frame. Back plate and magnetic pole face are made of mild steel. Specify grinder feed tray dimensions when ordering. To install, just cut an opening in the feed tray and bolt the pre-drilled flange of the magnet to the tray, using the holes and hardware provided.
KWS Series Separators KWS Series Separators
KWS Series Separators provide efficient, laborsaving, trouble-free extraction of both conductive and non-conductive metals. Separators are sized and outfitted to meet your requirements and custom built if necessary. With them, you can reclaim a wide range of valuable materials.
Magnetic Pulleys Magnetic Pulleys
Bunting Magnetic Separation Pulleys are engineered for easy installation in belt conveyors. They feature a radial magnetic field that gives complete magnetic protection over the entire face of the pulley for superior removal of ferrous contaminants.
Magnetic Take Off Rails Magnetic Take Off Rails
Take-Off Sections are designed with gradually decreasing magnetic force along their length to remove ferrous materials from the conveyor's magnetic field. These End Sections, are often used with Magnetic Pulleys or at the end of a long Straight Section. They have full force at the infeed end, which decreases to nearly zero at the opposite end so that parts will discharge smoothly and without damage.
Pneumatic Inline Applications- FS Pneumatic Inline Applications- FS
This economical single-coil detector offers adjustable sensitivity and rejection timing to improve accuracy and reduce loss of good product.
Pneumatic Inline Applications- Metron CR Challenge Pneumatic Inline Applications- Metron CR Challenge
Closed collar-style detector monitors liquids, pastes, and slurries conveyed in pipes with premium digital controls and triple-coil, high-frequency precision.
Pneumatic Inline Applications- Metron LCR Pneumatic Inline Applications- Metron LCR
This economical closed collar-style detector is similar to the metron CR but has basic features and controls.
Pneumatic Inline Applications-S-Tron Pneumatic Inline Applications-S-Tron
High-performance pneumatic inline metal separation unit has positive speed control for maximum rejection accuracy.
Low-cost triple-coil separator offers a long list of advanced features. Ideal for use in food processing, plastics, and recycling.
Suspended Plate Magnets Suspended Plate Magnets
Suspended Plate Magnets for Installation above Conveyors Bunting Suspended Plate Magnets are placed above open conveyors to snap up ferrous objects and fines found in grains, feedstuffs, raw and processed food products, dry chemicals, and other particulates.
Vibratory Feed Applications- Metron VT Vibratory Feed Applications- Metron VT
VT mounts around vibratory troughs feeding wood into hods or chippers. Coil placement requires burden depths limited to 4 inches or less.

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