Magnetic Separation -- Pneumatic In-Line Magnets

Pneumatic In-Line Magnet Pneumatic In-Line Magnet
Bunting Pneumatic In-Line Magnets are designed for use in dilute-phase pneumatic conveyor systems. Because it uses a powerful plate magnet, product flow is basically unobstructed. It can be installed easily with factory supplied compression couplings. For best magnetic separation, the Pneumatic In-Line Magnet should be installed in horizontal runs with the plate magnet down. This installation position takes advantage of the natural material stratification that occurs in a horizontal line due to gravity. Heavier objects, including tramp metal, tend to settle and ride in the bottom portion of the line at a lower velocity than the rest of the material. This, combined with the unique housing design, directs material flow to the plate magnet's face. The Pneumatic In-Line Magnet can also be installed in a vertical position directly after an elbow with the magnet located on the outside of the sweep.

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