Magnetic Separation -- Cartridge/Grate Magnets

Cartridge Magnets Cartridge Magnets
Make or Modify Your Own Separation System with Bunting Magnetic Cartridges You can build or modify your own magnetic separation equipment with Bunting Magnetic Cartridges. Both standard and heavy-duty models are constructed of durable 304 stainless steel tubing and are available with threaded hole, threaded rod, or plain sealed end plugs. Each cartridge is filled with high-density Ceramic magnetic material. The standard cylindrical model is 1" in diameter and is available in lengths from 4" to 36". The cartridge center-to-center distance between trays should not exceed 2". Other lengths and Rare Earth loads are available. Durable, heavier-guage stainless steel tubing resists wear and lasts longer in demanding applications. High-density Ceramic magnets are standard. Alnico and Rare Earth magnets are optional. Select tapped, sealed, or studded ends. Standard 1" round cartridges start at 4" lengths. Heavy-duty 1 1/2" square cartridges offer superior reachout and nearly two times the magnetic surface area of standard cartridges.
Grate Magnet Grate Magnet
Bunting General-Purpose Grate Magnets provide a properly configured, high-density magnetic field to trap and hold ferrous fines, fragments, and small metal objects. Stainless steel tubing and frames are welded into strong, integral units. They can be installed - or simply laid - inside hoppers, housings, and bins - and easily removed for cleaning. Grates are built for low-abrasion applications and should measure at least twice the size of your outlet opening, so as not to restrict product flow. General-Purpose Grate Magnets consist of multi-polarity 1-inch diameter cartridges arranged on 2-inch centers. They're available in round, square, and rectangular configurations from 4" through 36" in size. They can be ordered without baffles for freer flowing materials, and with angular baffles for maximum magnetic protection.
Hopper/ Grate Magnets Hopper/ Grate Magnets
Bunting Grate Magnets provide economical magnetic protection against tramp iron in mechanical or gravity conveying and processing systems. They can remove ferrous fines, fragments, and larger metal objects from dry particulates, liquids, and slurries. Grates can be installed or simply laid inside hoppers, pits, chutes, housings, and bins, where they can be accessed for cleaning.

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