Magnetic Separation -- Torpedo Magnets

Torpedo Magnet Torpedo Magnet
The Torpedo Magnet is designed to be used in Just-In-Time (JIT) hopper loaders and is the best alternative to a drawer magnet available. The Torpedo Magnet consists of a formed stainless steel ring, welded to a high-energy Rare Earth magnetic cartridge, allowing the magnetic cartridge to hang suspended in the center of the JIT loader's glass tube. With the Torpedo Magnet in this position, tramp metal is captured before it can reach your plastic molding machine. The bottom of the Torpedo Magnet is a live magnetic pole that allows tramp metal to collect and hide, preventing tramp metal wipe-off back into the product stream. The Torpedo Magnet can be inspected for tramp metal buildup by looking through the glass tube. The Magnet can be removed and cleaned as required. The material level sensor, which is typically mounted on the outside of the JIT loader's glass tube, will not be affected by the Torpedo Magnet.

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