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Automation & Integration - Turn-Key Solutions Automation & Integration - Turn-Key Solutions
By assembling, fitting and testing the components together, you can save on expensive filed installation costs. Ensign will build equipment to meet process requirements and then integrate the best industry components and/or customer supplied items
Cyclone Floor Filter Cyclone Floor Filter
Recommended for use in systems processing moderate to very dusty materials or regrind, Cyclone Floor Filters efficiently remove substantial levels of fines from the vacuum line or dryer return air line. By removing fines Cyclone Filters will prolong the life of equipment, while decreasing normal maintenance for the primary filter assembly.
Dustamaster Floor Filters Dustamaster Floor Filters
Leak-proof design assures dust free environment. This protective floor filter offers the user efficient filtering of the return vacuum line that leads to the pump from the vacuum chamber being filled. Seamless floor filter features industrial grade filter bags, easily removed collection chamber for trapped fines and tripod support legs.
External Dual Ration Valve External Dual Ration Valve
This valve attaches to loader and chamber inlets to permit sequential draw of material from two different sources
GTC - Glass Tube Chamber GTC - Glass Tube Chamber
Minimal inventory chamber makes visual verification of material usage easy. Typically sized to maintain five shots or five minutes of material at feed throat, glass tube chambers convey virgin pellet or premixed virgin and regrind material.
LS2 Vacuum Chamber LS2 Vacuum Chamber
Used to load materials into machine hoppers, drying hoppers or any other vessel. Unique design assits in conveying of materials with difficult flow properties. Equipped with bag filters and pulsed compressedair cleaning, successfully filter materials with excessive fines or particles.
Maxi-Vac Maxi-Vac
Perfect for beside-the-process loading systems, the Maxi-Vac is ideal for "up and in" arrangements. Powerful and compact, the centrifugal fan vacuum source is quiet and energy efficient. Maintenance and down time are minimal with only one moving part and, generally, no muffler is needed. Self contained with their own starter motor, there are no belts, sheaves, guards or oil to service. Controls for single, dual or multiple station loading systems are available.
Power Hoppers - Auger Conveying System Power Hoppers - Auger Conveying System
This product is designed to feed pellets, granules, and free flowing powders into storage vessels, mixers or other downstream processes. It is often used in conjunction with the hydraulic box dumper to deliver material from Gaylords to point-of-use systems
PowerMax and PowerMax HP PowerMax and PowerMax HP
PowerMax Positive Displacement Pumps feature a compact design for minimum floor space use. Accessories include vacuum gauge, muffler, vacuum relief valve, belt guards, and vacuum switch which electrically signals the system's vacuum status to the microprocessor control.
Sequence Valves Sequence Valves
When the loader signals for material these valves ensure that material is delivered to the correct vacuum chamber. Optimum reliability is designed into this most important component of any conveying system.

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