Material Handling Systems -- Feeding

MCF Series MCF Series
Using digital input, the microprocessor detects and automatically compensates for changing cycle times, varying torque requirements, and/or fluctuations in plant voltage. This eliminates the need for monitoring and adjustment. As an option, the controller may be remotely positioned up to 20 ft. from the processing machine.
MDA Drum Series MDA Drum Series
The Progressive Cavity Drum Pump meters liquid color by positive displacement. The pump consists of a single helix steel screw, called a rotor, rotating within a double helix hollow stator constructed of an elastomeric material. The rotation of the rotor within the fixed stator causes empty pockets or voids to travel or progress upward, drawing liquid into one end and expelling it out the other end, producing a positive displacement pumping action. The double helix stator produces an overlapping of voids resulting in smooth non-pulsating pumping action. Pressures of 200 to 300 PSI are achievable.
MLG Series MLG Series
These Maguire feeders are designed expressly for installation on small injection molding machines. The motor is positioned on one side and the hopper on the other to evenly balance the weight of the feeder over the feed throat of the machine.
MPA Peristaltic Series MPA Peristaltic Series
The patented Maguire peristaltic pumps are designed to accurately meter precise amounts of liquid color into the main flow of natural material directly above the throat of your process machine. Metering is accomplished by the compression and release of a flexible pumping tube by six hardened dowel pins that rotate within a Celcon. housing.
MPF Series MPF Series
The MPF powder feeder is designed to handle powders that do NOT flow well. The hopper features an integral bridge breaker bar that sweeps the bottom of the hopper once every 2 turns of the auger. This bridge breaker serves to keep the flights of the auger full and assures accurate metering. The hopper capacity is restricted to about 1/2 cu. ft. (about 10 pounds). Keeping the capacity low avoids compaction and helps with metering. The hopper is stainless steel and removable for easy cleanout. The bridge breaker bar is belt driven by the auger feeder motor.
MPM Pre-Mixer Series MPM Pre-Mixer Series
Series MPM Pre-Mixers automatically and continuously provide thorough mixing of resin, regrind and additives as they enter the throat of the process machine. These mixers are designed to mount directly to the feed throat of the process machine with hopper and hopper loader mounted directly above. When adding liquid color, color concentrate or other additives, the Maguire Pre-Mixer ensures a homogenous blend, and coloring is more efficient, more thorough and more uniform. Color consistency of the finished product is improved, and problems such as streaking are virtually eliminated.
MRF Series MRF Series
Installed beneath existing natural material hoppers, these special feeders provide the means to easily and accurately use previously colored regrind while avoiding double-coloring. Regrind enters the flow of resin at the same height as the color feed. Baffles ensure even distribution and mix of materials.
MSF Series MSF Series
The Model MSF starve feeder carefully regulates the volume of natural material supplied to the feed throat of the process machine. The Model MSF starve feeder, weighing less than 50 pounds, is compact and easy to install. It is mounted between the existing hopper and the feed throat of the machine adding only 8 inches to the height of your hopper. Your hopper remains directly over the feed throat of your machine and is not off-set as the case with some competitors' units.
Precision Additive Feeder Precision Additive Feeder
Completely modular in design with quick disconnects for feeder components permitting quick cleaning and change of additives. Simple calibration involves sliding the feeder auger assembly back from the riser and feeder for collection of samples to calibrate and set the feeder output. The suger meters the additive near the center of the primary resin flow for better accuracy. Standard Feed Bin size is 1.5 cu. ft. with and optional .25 cu. ft. available.

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