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Breeze Breeze
The Breeze parison-only controller is specifically designed for simple installation and ease of use. It can be retrofitted on a wide variety of blow molding machines to provide consistent wall thickness of blow-molded products for improved quality, less material consumption and reduced scrap. It can also be specified on new OEM blow molding machinery. The Breeze is factory configured for most blow molding applications. Specify the machine type and the Breeze will be factory programmed and wired for that machine.
EM-3: Extrusion Master Distributed Control System EM-3: Extrusion Master Distributed Control System
The EM-3 is the successor to Eurotherm Controls popular EM-1 and EM-2 extrusion control systems. With the EM-3, Eurotherm Controls and Barber-Colman Industrial Instruments have used proven MACO DS building blocks to create a standard implementation of an extrusion control system that is applicable to many extrusion processes. Standard control system definitions have been developed for Application Specific Blocks, which saves valuable engineering time and expense. Preprogrammed components can be connected and commissioned for true out-of-the-box performance. The operator interface is a rugged industrial PC running Wonderware InTouch. To avoid costly programming, a standard InTouch application is provided. This unique application allows clients to accomplish a number of commissioning tasks that would normally require the purchase of an InTouch development license. With the EM-3, such changes can be made from Wonderware's "runtime"environment, thus eliminating the need for a development license.
EM-3c EM-3c
The EM-3c is specifically designed for small extruders but is packed with the features of the popular EM-3 Extrusion Control System. The operator interface is the rugged OPtima Touch PC running Wonderware InTouch™ and can be used just for extruder temperature and pressure control or complete line control.
MACO 4000, 5000, 6000 Rack Systems For Electric and Hydraulic Machines MACO 4000, 5000, 6000 Rack Systems For Electric and Hydraulic Machines
MACO 4000, 5000 and 6000 Series Controllers are housed in a chassis constructed of heavy gauge sheet metal. DC powered fans (on enclosed systems) ensure adequate air flow to prevent heat buildup. The chassis is divided into two isolated compartments: a low voltage compartment and a high voltage compartment. The high voltage compartment contains all discrete AC and DC input and output boards and the system power supply. The chassis-resident power supply provides all operating voltages needed for the controller and operator station. The Custom 4, 5 and 6 units must be powered by a 24 Vdc supply. All the other rack systems have a power supply designed 0to operate from 100 to 240 Vac nominal, 50/60 Hz (85 to 265 Vac, low line to high line). The MACO 4000, 5000, and 6000 use Dos Series Sequence Editor. This DOS editor software contains both the Lable editor and the RLD editor.

The MACO Breeze II controller brings parison only wall thickness control capability to the average operator, and added productivity and profit to blow molders. It can be specified on a new machines or added as a retrofit to a wide variety of machines to provide consistent wall thickness for improved product quality, less material consumption and reduced scrap. The user needs only specify the type of machine and the unit will be factory programmed and wired for that type of machine. Once the unit is installed, calibrate the tool/accumulator and enter the desired parison profile. The 100 point parison profile is displayed graphically on a large display, which allows the profile to be quickly modified and compared to the actual process value. The entered profiles can then be stored internally or on removable USB memory sticks. The MACO Breeze II utilizes the same cards as the MACO® DS total machine controller, which allows users to stock fewer spare parts and provides highly precise parison control. Parison tooling position is updated every 0.1 milliseconds to minimize material usage and improve part quality.
Retrofit MACO Compact for HT Retrofit MACO Compact for HT
Eurotherm has retrofit kits for the Van Dorn HT injection molding machines they produced with MACO 8000 and Siemens controls. Each kit will have a standard set of screens and drawings as the package.

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