Screws -- Front-end Components

Nano Mixer Nano Mixer
Nano™ Mixer. In molding or extrusion of shear-tolerant polymers, the Xaloy® Nano™ Mixer combines very intensive dispersionary mixing of colorants, fillers and additives with excellent temperature control. The unique, patented geometry of the Nano™ mixer provides exponential mixing action. Its melt channels have multiple inlets and outlets that divide, reorient and recombine the melt stream.
Stratablend II Mixer Stratablend II Mixer
Stratablend® II Mixer. When your molding or extrusion application calls for intensive Chaotic and distributive mixing but with low shear and little or no temperature rise, a screw using the Xaloy® Stratablend® II Mixer can help you meet your quality and productivity goals. The unique, patented geometry of Stratablend® II produces highly effective mixing. The Cut-through melt channels allow back flow for chaotic mixing effects.

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