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EasyMelt EasyMelt
EasyMelt™ combines the simplicity and economy of a conventional three-zone screw with the productivity and quality benefits of optimum material feeding, melting and metering. General-purpose injection screws leave hard-to-get molding profit on the table. The Xaloy® EasyMelt™ injection screw helps you recoup with screw geometry optimized for specific material(s).
Fusion II Screw Fusion II Screw
The Fusion™ II screw delivers enhanced chaotic mixing while retaining the productivity benefits of faster plastication and lower melt temperature provided by the original Fusion™ screw. Like the original Fusion™ screw, the Fusion™ II has two barrier zones.
Fusion Screw Fusion Screw
This new barrier screw delivers higher throughput at lower melt temperatures than earlier barrier designs. It has proven its benefits in processing polyolefins, PET, ABS, and PLA in various extrusion and blow molding processes.
MultiMelt Injection Screw MultiMelt Injection Screw
The ‘Universal’ Mixing Screw. If you mold several different kinds of resins, the Xaloy® MultiMelt™ gives you a profit-building way to improve on the performance of conventional general-purpose screws. Its advanced barrier flight design promotes faster, more efficient melting, and it has an integrated Stratablend® II mixer* to improve color dispersion and melt temperature homogeneity.
StrataMelt Injection Screw StrataMelt Injection Screw
The StrataMelt™ injection molding screw combines the simplicity and economy of a conventional single-stage screw with the benefits of intensive but low-shear mixing. In addition, we optimize the geometry of the feeding, melting and metering zones to the materials you specify.

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