Gas Assist Injection Technology -- Equipment

GA Compressor Series GA Compressor Series
BAUER has manufacturing high pressure compressor systems for over 50 years, earning the reputation as an industry leader in quality, innovation and reliability. BAUER Nitrogen Compressors are designed to supply the high pressure nitrogen required for gas assist injection molding.
Nitrogen Control Unit (NCU) Nitrogen Control Unit (NCU)
The BAUER Nitrogen Control Unit can adapt any injection molding machine, regardless of make of model, for use with the gas assist process.
Stationary Nitrogen Generator Stationary Nitrogen Generator
The BAUER SNG Series II Nitrogen Generators is a self-contained, fully integrated, modular system that eliminates the hazards involved with the handling of high pressure cylinders as well as the burden of merchant supplied nitrogen gas. These systems incorporate a modular design installed on a single skid to allow for easy customization of the total system to meet specific design applications.

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