Blenders -- Accessories

Barrel or Gaylord Stands Barrel or Gaylord Stands
The Barrell and Gaylord stands raise blenders, allowing you to blend materials into a larger and taller container. The Barrel Stand will blend into a 220lb.(100kg) container, while the Gaylord stand can blend into larger containers such as gaylords, octobins, etc.
Clear-Vu Surge Hopper Clear-Vu Surge Hopper
The Clear-Vu™ surge hopper allows you to mount your Weight Scale Blender over the throat of the process machine while maintaining a reasonable reserve of blended material. This adds a cushion of time in the event of any disruption of material flow to and through the blender.
Vacuum Takeoff Stands Vacuum Takeoff Stands
Maguire vacuum take-off assemblies allow you to blend on the floor and then convey to the process machine. The stands include a bin with sloping sides and a single material pick-up lance at the bottom of the bin. Sight glass windows are located on each side of the bin and are sized to allow additional suction tubes to be added for conveying material to several machines. Up to four lances can be added without sheet metal modification.

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