WRP-12i In -Line Pelletizer WRP-12i In -Line Pelletizer
Xaloy’s water ring pelletizer connects directly to the end of the extruder, Xaloy Screen Changer or Melt Pump via a short coupled adapter allowing polymer to flow horizontally from the extruder to the in-line die plate. The rheologically optimized design minimizes polymer inventory between the extruder and die plate and evenly distributes polymer flow to each die plate hole.
WRP-35s/36s In-Line Pelletizer WRP-35s/36s In-Line Pelletizer
The Water Ring Hot Die Face ensures a consistent, uniform pellet and is insensitive to short term polymer flow interruptions. Pellets are cut and immediately quenched in a unique cooling chamber design that transfers the pellet slurry to the spin dryer. An integral dryer blower is standard for improved drying efficiency. Typical applications include polymer reclaim, compounding, color concentrates and polymerization.

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