Oil Temperature Controllers

Oiltherm RO Series Oiltherm RO Series
The Oiltherm is designed to work with a wide range of high temperature applications in the 125F to 575F range. The Oiltherm assures high velocity oil flow across heater elements for optimum heat transfer and fluid life. The oil is preheated to reduce viscosity before allowing the pump to run. A microprocessor allows customized settings for daily start/stop times and a temperature deviations alarm and a password lockout protects temperature set point.
Vactherm RV Series Vactherm RV Series
Positive/Negative Pressure Temperature Controller The Vactherm eliminates downtime caused by a coolant leak in the mold or process water circuit. The unique design of the Vactherm allows the vacuum level to be adjusted to the exact amount necessary to stop the leakage, without drawing air into the water circuit. Operates with positive pressure to leak and vacuum from leak back to the oil reservoir.

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